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With "La Vainilla" & David Carroll



Eva is an accomplished flamenco dancer and teacher who divides her time between Spain and California. She has completed five years of professional training at the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco in Seville, Spain. She is currently in Sonoma County,  having just returned from Spain where she attended the Festival de Jerez and received classes with Rocio Molina, and assisted in the advanced guitar accompanyment at the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco with Pedro Sierra. 
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Eva performs regularly in the North Bay with her sister, singer Emma "La Vainilla," and guitarist David Carroll. Over the years she has appeared with Chus Alonso's Potaje, Aire Flamenco, Flamenco Universal, Soniquete de José Galván, and FlamencoArts. When in Spain she performs in Seville and Portugal, she has also appeared on Andalusia's Canal Sur television and Sevilla's Giralda Television with Manuela Carrasco.

She began her studies at age nine at International Dance Theater and FlamencoArts in Santa Rosa. From 1994 on she attended José Galván's annual Sonoma County workshop as well as studying with him privately. She also studied with La Tania and guest artists at her "Flamenco in the Redwoods" camp. In Spain her teachers include such important flamenco artists as Rafael Campallo, bata de cola diva Milagros Mengibar, Carmen Ledesma, Manolo Soler, Adela Campallo, Pastora Galván, Hiniesta Cortés, La Farruca, Pilár Ortega, Manuela Rios, José Galván, Farru, Rocio Molina, Andrés Marín, Juan Polvillo, Javier Barón, Manuela Reyes, Asuncion 'Choni' Perez and more.

She teaches technique and choreography classes both in Sonoma County and in Seville. She has also worked as an assistant to guitar instructors Raul Cantizano and Javier Gomez teaching dance accompaniment to intermediate and advanced guitar students, at the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco de Sevilla.

Eva's father and sister are also involved in flamenco. She and her sister, singer Emma "La Vainilla", perform together often. Her father, luthier Eric Monrad, builds world class classical and flamenco guitars.





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