1999 flamenco: spruce/maple

1999 flamenco:  Engelmann spruce & European maple 

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My flamenco guitars are loud, with a quick attack. They have a sonorous tone appropriate for solo performance or recording, but when played hard have the incisive, percussive qualities needed for accompanying singers and dancers. 

My first nylon-string guitars were flamencos; when my daughter began to study flamenco dance years ago, I became fascinated by the flamenco guitar. There's quite a bit of flamenco going on in Sonoma County, where I live, and the San Francisco Bay Area with its lively flamenco scene is only an hour away, so I have many opportunities to hear and play live flamenco, and to get feedback on my instruments from professional players. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more photos of flamenco guitar details.

When I'm not in my shop, I devote considerable time to playing. My daughters were flamenco professionals for some years - the older one danced, the younger sang. They surpassed me as performers long ago. To read about them, visit La Eva Flamenco.



Eve and Emma performing together



   Photos of flamenco guitar details. Click images to enlarge:

1999 flamenco Padauk flamenco peghead Ebony flamenco peghead
Flamenco with lunares rosette Padauk flamenco peghead with pegs Ebony flamenco peghead with tuners


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