Thérèse's knitting



Designer: Jo Sharp
Pattern source: Jo Sharp Book 6 Village
Yarn: Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Mohair in #602 Romany
Completed: December 2004

Another Christmas project. Rare Comfort is incredibly light, silky mohair with amazing yardage--95 yards per 25 grams. The whole sweater used only 190 grams of yarn. Luckily, it was very cooperative when it came to frogging: I had already knitted the whole back and half of one front of this sweater when I decided it was going to be too big--so I ripped it out and started over. The color is lovely--deepest mahogany (fairly accurate in these photos).

The pattern does not include the ribbon-threaded eyelets. I added that detail, inspired by an Anthropologie sweater. Once I'd figured out how to space the eyelets, the tricky part was remembering to knit them in. I put a snap on the inside of each sweater front and another on the ribbon ends, so the ribbon can be changed at will. I also shortened the sleeves, not entirely intentionally, to what is known as "bracelet length."

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