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Denmark Gefjon

Designer: Elsebeth Lavold
Pattern source: Knitter's magazine # 53, Winter 1998 (still available as a back issue)
Yarn: Reynolds Lite Lopi in #85 light brown
Completed: October 2004

Here at last is Denmark Gefjon finished. I won't make another sweater this big--I wish it were closer-fitting. But the cabling is beautiful, and the coat is incredibly warm and light. The Lite Lopi is the original yarn specified by Lavold--I know some people don't like its feel, but I do. Guess I'm partial to "primitive" yarns. I found the perfect buttons at the local fabric & craft store--horn and pewter from France.

This was pleasant knitting. The cables are not difficult once you understand Lavold's technique for opening and closing them. The short-row shaping for the lapels is fairly tricky, especially since there are no instructions for reversing the shaping on the second front. Think I will add an I-cord button loop under the corner of the top lapel, and one more button at that corner.

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