Thérèse's knitting


Diamond Fantasy shawl

Designer: Sivia Harding
Pattern source: widely available
Yarn: laceweight wool in "Stonechat" (70g/600 yards used)
Notes: This really is a great pattern, although I found the chart a bit unintuitive. The edging, knitted as you go, and the i-cord bindoff are both beautiful and smart design. I did 10 pattern repeats, as Sivia suggests, and I love the finished size. This is a shawl I would knit again, a rare thing for me--a beaded version in a plain color.

This yarn varies widely in color, from dark burgundy through olive drab to a rather ugly, faded tan. I hated the striping as I was knitting, but persevered, hoping that blocking would magically make it look good. And it did! BTW, I do not generally wear my shawls with hiking shorts.

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