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Baby sweater on two needles (February)

Designer: Elizabeth Zimmermann
Pattern source: Knitter's Almanac & elsewhere
Yarn: Reynolds Wash Day Wool
Completed: November 2007

This is an ingenious pattern, knit flat from the neck down. You start with the garter-stitch yoke, then knit the sleeves, back and two fronts separately, widening each of the 5 panels by casting on a few stitches at each side of the sleeves, and picking up stitches along those cast-on edges when you knit the fronts and back. Modifications: used a different lace stitch (because the page with the stitch pattern directions was missing from the copy of the book I got from the library)--bead stitch. And cast on/picked up one extra stitch on each side of the sleeves (8 on each side instead of 7) so I had a selvedge stitch for perfect seams. Because of the way the casting-on of the extra stitches works, a row gets lost at the beginning of each sleeve and body section, but it looks fine anyway--there's a closeup below that shows how it looks.

I don't knit that much garter stitch and wasn't sure how to get good-looking increases for the yoke increase rows. I tried make 1 and kfb, but decided that the method EZ says to use--just cast on an extra stitch with the backward loop method--looked much better. The yarn is new; it's soft, easy to work with, and machine washes beautifully.

Laid out flat, ready to block

Closeup of underarm






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