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Hyrna Herborgar

Designer: Sigrdíđur Halldórsdóttir
Pattern source: Three-cornered and Long Shawls, available from Schoolhouse Press
Yarn:  unspun Icelandic wool from eBay, same as unspun available from Schoolhouse Press
Completed: December 2005
This shawl seems to be the one everybody wants to knit first from this book. I decided to make my version rustic, so used unspun Icelandic I had in stash. It took just under 200 grams, or about 600 yards. The wool is tricky to knit with--it has no tensile strength, so if you pull on it, it falls apart. But once knitted, it's strong and can be manhandled in the blocking like any spun yarn. I found I couldn't purl the way I usually do--had to purl Norwegian-style with the yarn in back, which worked well anyway, since there are lots of double yarnovers  in which you must P1, K1 on return rows.

Once you understand Halldórsdóttir's chart symbols, this is an easy pattern to follow. In fact, I think it could be a first lace project, for someone careful and patient. I love it, and would like to knit another version in a more elegant yarn--Zephyr, perhaps. The book is well worth having--there are many lovely shawls in it, and the designer's aesthetic is quite different from other shawl books that are available.

You'll see in the photo that the shawl is held with a beautiful shawl pin beaded with amber chips--closeup below. It's just the right size and weight, perfect for keeping any scarf or shawl where you want it. It's from Designs by Romi, where you'll find a wide assortment of these pins at very reasonable prices.

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