Thérèse's knitting


Icarus shawl

Designer: Miriam Felton
Pattern source: Interweave Knits, Summer 2006
Yarn: KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Stream (113g/1000 yards used)
Completed: January 2007
Notes: Lovely shawl, but there's a lot of boring stockinette before you get to the interesting part. I added beads to the edge points (4 mm bicone Swarovski crystals). They are very subtle--as in practically invisible. They do weight the shawl just a bit, making it hang particularly nicely. Miriam's instructions for adding them can be found here.

I gave this away to a dear friend--what fun! She's wearing it in the picture below (and the color is truest in this one).

Bead detail: I said it was subtle.


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