Thérèse's knitting 

Yarn Sighting  Above you see the emblem of the city of Seville, Spain: a "madeja"--hank of wool--with the syllables No and Do. The rebus is read "No - madeja - do," a pun of "No me ha dejado" meaning "she did not abandon me," a reference to the city's loyalty to its king during a revolt.   (This no 8 do is on a Seville manhole cover.)

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Finished objects

Works in progress


Elizabeth Zimmermann's February baby sweater
Diamond Fantasy
Icarus shawl

Cobweb shawl 
Hyrna Herborgar
Corner to Corner shawl
Old Shale shawl-ette
Kiri shawl
Perfect Pie shawl
Lacy Little Top in hemp
Flirty Ruffles shawl
Meadow Flowers shawl



Short-row hat

Koolhaas hat
Razor shell socks
Chicknits Ribby Cardi
Backyard Leaves scarf
Log Cabin socks
Fingerless mitts for Eve

Sideways basketweave baby kimono

Dresser scarf socks
Hat in unspun Icelandic wool
Shetland hat

Conwy socks
Elegant gauntlets
Multidirectional scarf
Cosmopolitan wrap sweater
Ruffles scarf
Polka dot baby blanket
Capelet/poncho in Noro Kureyon
Whirligig vest from Sweaters from Camp
Elsebeth Lavold's Denmark Gefjon
Cider House Rules pullover
Fitted pullover w/slip stitch texture




Sarcelle stole
Clementine shawlette
(but mine is blue)



Rosedale cardigan
Traveler's stockings
Labyrinth panel pullover (my design)
Picot-edge cotton stripe socks



African vest
20-gram cashmere scarf
Madeira Cascade scarf
Spiral shawl from A Gathering of Lace



Mystery stole 3
Tulip wrap top (Rowan 41)
(just wasn't working. Think I'll try Kat Coyle's Camisa with the beautiful Vittadini linen/silk.)

Bergamo Cache-coeur
Lacy kerchief scarf
Vittadini Eyelet Tee



Irtfa'a shawl in Blue Moon silk thread
Nora Gaughan's Lite Lopi Pullover - cardiganized
Ivy Trellis stole
Lisette (Rowan 36)
Curved shawl (Victorian Lace Today)
Tweedy aran cardigan
Joy (Rowan Vintage Knits)
Langsjal Jóhönnu
Meg Swansen's Turkish Maple
Rambling Rose (Rowan 40)



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