Thérèse's knitting



Designer: Debbie Bliss
Pattern source: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk pattern book
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Batik (85% wool, 15% silk, 5% cashmere)
Knitted: February-March 2005
Lara, in the GeneralifeI needed a city sweater for my month in Spain, so knitted this for the occasion. It's a cardigan jacket that's meant to be wrapped and pinned closed in front. We photographed it in the Generalife palace in Granada. Can you tell what I've used to pin it shut? It's a quill from an African porcupine, brought home by a friend of my daughter's as a safari souvenir. It works perfectly, and would make a very effective weapon if I needed one! 

This is a sideways sweater--knit from the left cuff up the sleeve, across the fronts & back, and down the right sleeve. Below you see it half knitted. I added a few stitches to the selvedges to make the body a bit longer, including 3 seed stitches which do seem to keep the lower edge from curling. If I knitted this again, I would cast on the side seam stitches all at once instead of over a few rows, as the pattern has you do. As designed, the lower edge is a few rows narrower than the bust, so the side seams have little jogs in them no matter how carefully you stitch them. The sweater would look just fine if it did not taper from bust to lower edge, and then those seams would be perfect.

The Silkroad Aran was wonderful to knit, the color a beautiful old gold with a bit of shine from the silk content. I'm not sure I can tell the cashmere is there, though. It does pill horribly on wearing--needs regular scraping to keep looking nice. 


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