Thérèse's knitting


Meadow Flowers shawl

Designer: Donna Kay
Pattern source: Knitter's Stash
Yarn: sportweight Wensleydale handpaint from Silver Creek Yarns (bought at Stitches West)
Completed: August 2003

This early project proved to me that I'm not fond of knitting garter stitch lace--I get lost because I can't tell which side I'm on. It is a pretty shawl, though, and I wear it all the time, either knotted as you see, or bunched up around my neck and tied like a scarf--it's just small enough for that. The handpainted yarn doesn't detract from a simple lace pattern like this one.

The Silver Creek yarn is beautiful. It has a soft, hairy halo and a lovely shine as well. Perhaps that's typical of Wensleydale yarns? On my monitor, the color in these photos is quite accurate. I used about 220g/550 yards in all.

I wasn't happy with the edging on this shawl. It's knitted around all three sides, but  the edging's row gauge is tighter along the top than along the two side edges. The result is that it looks nice along the top edge of the shawl, but not along the sides, where the edging looks "stretched." Also, no direction is given about how to round the shawl's three points gracefully, so the edging makes a nice point there as well. I don't know about you, but these things matter to me!


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